Hello and welcome to my page! This first blog post is a little introductory message about me! My name is JuJu and I am a rising high school junior. I have been performing for as long as I can remember and doing theatre since elementary school. My love for Broadway began in middle school and has flourished from there. New York City is easily my favorite place in the world and the amount of friends I have made and experiences I have had due to Broadway is immense. My love for Broadway began the year Newsies was closing and announced it’s tour. I had taken a masterclass with Nico Greetham, a former Newsie, and learned a combination to Seize the Day. The minute I heard the Broadway cast recording, I was hooked

I was lucky enough to see the touring production twice, once in Boston and once in Providence. The Newsies tour was my first stagedoor experience and I got to meet the cast and engage with these wonderfully talented people. Newsies showed me the kindness actors show to fans and aspiring actors at stagedoor. Since then, I have been to many shows in New York such as: School of Rock, Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen, Waitress, Anastasia, Mean Girls, Something Rotten!, Hello, Dolly!, and more. Each cast member and actor I have met at stagedoor or interacted through with social media has shown me nothing but kindness. The Broadway Community is truly full of the loveliest people you will ever meet. Some of my favorites memories have been attending Broadway Flea, meeting the Anastasia cast and seeing Jagged Little Pill in Cambridge and engaging with the cast.

All of my experiences have taught me so many things, but mainly this: if you put good out into the world, you will get good back. Kindness goes such a long way. Theatre is such a beautiful and accessible art that truly brings us all together. If you had told 11-year old JuJu that in a couple years, she would be making trips to NYC to see Broadway shows and would be interacting with actors at stagedoor, she would never have believed you. My goal with this website is to not only showcase my experiences and adventures — but to inspire someone out there. To show that hopeful theatre kid that you can pave the way for yourself. You can make connections and make the experience worth while. I truly am so grateful for all the people I have met through the Broadway Community.

In the future, I hope to go into Entertainment Managment (and performing as well) to be apart of the Broadway Community one day. This blog will highlight my love for Broadway and amazing experiences. I’m so excited for you to join me on this journey. Let’s do this!

Sending love and light,


JuJu Jaworski